25 years in this industry (that's 50 years combined, but who's counting) is bound to be a wild ride. 

But we're still standing strong, and with more passion than ever for what it means to come together over a table of great food and great wine and create true, authentic connection. 

We've worked in some of the top restaurants in the world, from New York to wine country and now we're back to our roots in the Midwest with 2A in Milwaukee. 

These days, we're interested in impact over big names; in growing community over big venues; in making the most of our time over making the quickest dollar. 

We invite you to join us at one of our restaurants, reach out for employment or partnership opportunities, or contact us to explore how we might be able to help your restaurant or small business grow and thrive through the lens of hospitality. 

pronounce it: "watch"

We're Tony Bisciglia and Rob Levin, the founders of WACH Hospitality. We're proud of our growing portfolio of restaurants in Milwaukee and beyond, and of our role as an advisory service for restaurants and hospitality-adjacent small businesses that share our values of excellence, inclusion, community and fun. 

-Tony & Rob

rob has worked with

  • KDK restaurant group (marche & red light) 
  • Boka Restaurant Group
  • BR Guest
  • Levy at the Harley Davidson museum
  • Giordano’s
  • F Street Hospitality

Rob’s history in hospitality began at age 12, washing dishes for a hotdog shop in his hometown. There, he quickly drew parallels between his first great love—being on the soccer field—with the vibrant, fast-paced atmosphere in the kitchen.

Rob’s journey from there led him to a role as GM in Chicago at only 23, opening multiple new restaurants from the ground up over the next few years. In his role with KMK, Rob was mentored by Chef Michael Kornick, where he grew his knowledge and recognized his ability to develop successful teams alongside creating profitable restaurants.

Over the next 20 years, Rob worked for some of the top hospitality groups the United States, opening new restaurants across the country and managing venues like the acclaimed Boka in Chicago.  Eventually, his path led him to working with the Four Seasons Group and with Levy Restaurant Group for Harley Davidson. 

Rob's tenacity and commitment to excellence prepared him to lead a hospitality company through 2020, and even to open his own establishment in the challenging climate. Today, his wine shop with partner Tony Bisciglia 2A is a pillar of the hospitality and small business community in Milwaukee, and Rob and Tony are expanding their footprint with WACH through a growing portfolio of establishments and consulting clients. 

Rob Levin

Tony Bisciglia

Tony Bisciglia has always believed that life is best lived at the edges of a traditional path; that there is more to it all than what meets the eye and that the magic lies in curiosity and connection. Tony grew up in Minnesota, a curious kid who loved sports and people. In college, Tony started working in bars and restaurants, where he was introduced to his first great love: wine.

Tony found himself engrossed in the culture of wine, the stories behind it and the passion that it evokes in those who commit themselves to learning about it. His natural connection to wine made it easy for him to share his passion with others and help them experience something new and unexpected. 

Tony changed course, happy to go against the grain and leave school behind to learn everything he could about wine and hospitality in the real world. He went on to manage and open new restaurants in premiere markets like Chicago and New York, working for well-known groups like BR Guest and most notably a 10-year stint with Levy Restaurants where he served as the regional director of operations. 

In 2018, Tony felt called to find his next chapter, and pursued an internship with Ken Fredrickson, the master sommelier of Tenzing Wine. Tony became a certified sommelier and realized that he wanted to focus on what he loved most: connecting people over great wine and experiences.

All of this led to his partnership today at Wach with 2A, 1033, and many adventures that lie ahead.

TONY has worked with

  • Levy Restaurants
  • BR Guest
  • Boka Group 
  • Clubhouse OakBrook 
  • Tenzing wine & spirits
  • Bonanno Wine 


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